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Here you go Grace, I hope you like it :)

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posted 4 months ago

Anonymous asked: "omg I just saw the Amanda & Kevin imagine and it made me think of a couple I know and their names are kevin and amanda!"

haha that’s so cute :3

posted 5 months ago

Anonymous asked: "Hey! Can you please make an imagine about matt espinosa? Can it be like your camerons sister and you go on tour with them, then you get raped by a stranger and the only one there for you was matt.. If that makes any sense"

Hi, sorry but I’m not really comfortable writing about rape and I’m not sure if Charitha is but either way I don’t want those kind of stories on here. I’m really sorry but if you want we can write something like that but just leave the rape part out? like maybe you get run over y a bunch of fans or something? if that’s alright with you 

posted 7 months ago

Let’s START :)

Hey guys, Emma and I have decided to make something called #imaginewed! That means every Wednesday, we pick one person who asked for a imagine in our ask box! BUT WAIT, if u still want to send in ur stories that would be great ;)

(Imagines are written by either Emma or me)

posted 8 months ago

About me :)

Hey guys, I’ve just joined Emma on this blog! So, her and I thought maybe I could tell myself about me! So why not ;)
My full name is charitha m ( ridiculous ik)! I was born in Texas and so were my parents. I’ve moved 11 times, and my most recent was California to Maryland. It’s really boring here :(
So ya that’s a little about me, thanks for taking time to read this.

IMPORTANT: Emma and I are thinking of new hastags, rules, and themes so stay tuned :)

posted 8 months ago

Anonymous asked: "Can you do a cute one with emma and jimmy? Like were we just spend a night on the couch togheter. No sex just cuddle?? Please it would mean a lot xx Love your blog by the way xx"

thank you very much :)

posted 8 months ago

Amanda and Kevin 

You went to sleep pretty late last night so you happened to sleep through most of the day. When you woke up around 3pm you checked your phone. You had 5 new messages, all from kevin, your crush.
You two had recently started talking but you’d always had a thing for him. He was handsome and his smile was the prettiest thing you’d ever seen. He didn’t just smile with his mouth, when he really smiled he smiled with his whole face. It was the kind of smile that could sweep anyone off their feet, and that anyone happened to be you. Every time you two talked it just felt right.
One of the reasons you stayed up so late last night was because you two got into a little fight. It wasn’t reay big but it got to you in a way and you had some trouble falling asleep. You felt a little bit scared about what he was gonna say in those messages. You finally opened and read them:


The first one read, at 7:15am. The second one,

“I’m sorry about yesterday I shouldn’t have said what I said I’m really sorry Amanda”

At 8:28am.

“Please wake up babe :(“


“:( be nice to talk to you babe”


“Please wake up now Amanda, I miss you”

11:58am. You replied him right away, thinking it’d take a while for him to write back. You laid your head down on your pillow and the phone beside you. Just as you let go of it he replied.
You two talked about the argument last night, forgiving eachother. He came over to your house later that night and you two cuddled up in your couch watching a movie together. 

Aracely Nathan

It was 3:54am when you got a call from your boyfriend Nathan.
“H-hello, Nathan. Why are you calling me at 4am?”
The other line was quiet for a while before you heard someone take a deep breath, then you heard his voice.
“I had a dream…”
He didn’t sounds very happy, he almost sounded like he’d just been crying.
“Nathan is everything alright?”
“No… I dreamt that I lost you, you went on this trip to go see an old friend and you two hooked up and when you came back home you dumped me and I was so sad and then I woke up and I was crying and I just wanted to make sure you’re still here. You don’t have any friends in florida do you?”
You smiled a little to yourself.
“Aww Nathan you have nothing to worry about, I’d never do that to you. I love you, okay? And no I don’t have any friends in florida so you have nothing to worry about honey.”
You could hear a sigh of relief on the other side of the phone. When he spoke again you could hear him smiling.
“Thanks Aracely. And sorry if I woke you up, I just felt like I had to talk to someone.”
“It’s ok, you didn’t wake me up. And even if you would have you know you can always call me no matter what you want to talk about or what time it is.”
You were sitting in your bed smiling. You thought how lucky you were to have him as your boyfriend.
“Thanks Aracley, I love you.”
“I love you to Nathan. You should go back to sleep though.”
He  giggled.
“Yeah so should you, night owl.”
And with that you hung up, turned your computer off and got in bed. You didn’t realize it until you laid down but you were actually really tired and fell asleep almost immediately. 

Anonymous asked: "hi can u make me an imagine. i have this crush, we actually never spoke. i see him at my beach club all the time. his name is andrew. can you make me an imagine were we are both surfing and we talk and end up having my first kiss<3it would be awesome!"


posted 1 year ago

followourdreamsxx-deactivated20 asked: "I don't know if you have time but could you make an imagine where my bestfriend and her boyfriend invite me and my crush to the beach at night. Maybe like a campfire. His name is Logan and we both surf so maybe something to do with that? Sorry if that's too much to ask.:)"


posted 1 year ago